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AgriHealth specialises in marketing veterinary medicines, especially for production animals - refer overview as pdf.

A New Zealand owned and operated company, AgriHealth uses local market understanding and relevant technical knowledge to select and or develop category leading products for New Zealand farming systems.

Our key suppliers include renowned veterinary pharmaceutical, antibacterial and vaccine firms from Europe and elsewhere.

Distribution in New Zealand

A New Zealand marketing and distribution partner to leading global manufacturers, AgriHealth provides products and associated technical advice in the following categories:

We distribute branded veterinary pharmaceutical and vaccine products exclusively via veterinarians, for administration to cattle and other livestock.

Our feed additive products, mainly sourced from Huvepharma in Europe, are distributed via veterinarians, nutritionists & technical resellers, and supplied to commercial feedmillers.

AgriHealth's Terms and Conditions of Sale.

Research and new product development

Proving the efficacy and benefits of veterinary medicines we market in 'real life' NZ farming systems is fundamental to the AgriHealth ethos.

AgriHealth has conducted large scale New Zealand clinical trial work in cattle and other production animals, with further research trials planned.

Additional research and development on locally applicable products, novel drug programs, superior packaging formats and improved drug delivery mechanisms is also underway.

Our people

The team at AgriHealth are experienced, knowledgeable animal health professionals. They possess an understanding of the NZ agricultural sector, empathy for our customers and are focussed on category leadership i.e. providing top veterinary medicines supported by robust evidence and sound technical support.